Company name

Here your headline and description that tells your audience what you do and why they need you in their lives.

Here is where you can go to town and explain in more details about your company and products. Keep this precise but also tempt the audience to find out more about you, tell your story and where they can find you in the virtual or physical space. Tell them about your history, you client list and countries you operate in.

Be bold, be humand and above all else use this space to mirror the message that your company send out on your social media pages. Don't hold back!

Key contact person

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Exhibitor set-up

Direct in-platform set up for virtual exhibitors allows them to adjust their page in real-time, all with our dedicated support team on hand to help.

Trade-Fairs Growth

With unlimited exhibitors and sponsors accommodated, your event can be as expansive or as niche as you define it to be.


One-touch registration for visitors though a simplified process that eliminates drop out rates.

The Stage

An integrated landing page that hosts your broadcasted live streams, pre-recorded programs and those all important connection channels.


The platform analytics allows for real time metrics for both pre, live and post event for both event owners and exhibitors.


The platform hosts a number of group discussions as well as the ability to book timings for 1-to-1 conversations through the exhibitor’s meeting calendar.


Live interactive text chat is available to all those watching the streams as well as direct response opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors.

Call to Action

Exhibitors can add CTA’s and virtual sales options directly into their page.

Match Making

By gaining your attendees hot topics and interest points, Marketplace directs them to the exhibitors that best meet their needs as well as informing exhibitors of their interest.

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